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Learning About Organic Fertilizer For Lawns

So, you wanna go organic for your lawn care, but you're new to the world. You may have noticed that organic fertilizer has a higher price tag compared to what you've been using. But you also know that organic fertilizers are better for the environment, as well as your kids and pets who play on (and occasionally roll around on) your grass. So where to start?

First, you need to know about a couple of basic dichotomies in the organic lawn fertilizer world. A big divide is animal-based versus plant-based fertilizer. Animal-based organic fertilizers do sometimes have an odor. Some are smellier than others. Animal-based organic fertilizers use chicken meal, manure, and other things in order to get the nutrients your lawn needs. They can be extremely effective, but the initial smell is something you need to be aware of, and how it will affect your household can be a major player in whether or not animal-based organic fertilizers are the right choice for you.

Plant-based ones do not have the same odor issues that animal-based ones do, and they can be just as effective as the animal-based fertilizers, but there's often a steeper price involved. Not always, of course, but you'll want to do your research on what the most effective ones are and how expensive they are, just to get an idea for what you might need to spend on these types of fertilizers. These types of fertilizers are also commonly designed so they won't burn your lawn. Not only does this help prevent one of the more common lawn failures you run into, but it means you can let the kids help with the fertilizing and know that if they get a bit too enthusiastic with the fertilizer, it won't do much harm.

After that, then comes the liquid versus the dry. In general, liquid fertilizers are faster acting, and dry ones are longer lasting. The dry ones are often marketed as "slow release." Some dry fertilizers are very fast-acting, however. They dissolve quickly and get nutrients to your grass in a fast turnaround.

You will want to do some research to narrow down what you need, based on your grass, soil conditions, and the type of local weather you can be expecting. Also, make sure to look up reviews of the fertilizers you're thinking about using — other people's real-world experience with them can tell you a lot about how effective they will be for you.

To learn more about organic fertilizer for lawn care, contact a supplier in your area.